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MUSIC SHARING began life as the Tokyo branch-office of Midori and Friends, founded by Midori in New York in 1992. In 2002, MUSIC SHARING was certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and recognized as an independent, non-profit organization in Japan. In addition to continuing the programs of Midori and Friends Tokyo Office, MUSIC SHARING is geared towards meeting the specific challenges and needs of Japanese children with their unique educational system. MUSIC SHARING's mission is to make both classical and traditional Japanese music of the highest artistic standard available to children.

Through its educational programs, MUSIC SHARING pledges to become the leader in the field of classical and traditional Japanese music education in schools, encouraging both the availability of live performances and active participation by the children.

MUSIC SHARING presents free educational music programs to children and young people throughout the country in the strong belief that the firsthand experience of music of the highest caliber gives children an enhanced sense of aesthetics and culture, awareness of their own creative powers and of their environment. Since its inception, MUSIC SHARING has offered programs including the Visiting Program (Visiting Concert, Orchestra Visit Program), Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program and International Community Engagement Program (ICEP) with Midori and other professional musicians as participating artists.

MUSIC SHARING operates solely on the basis of charitable contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

” Mission

A non-profit organization recognized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Music Sharing aims to:

  • * Contribute to the well-rounded development of children in Japan and other Asian countries by presenting live musical experiences of the highest caliber in schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

  • * Raise levels of cultural awareness by creating opportunities for children to discover the traditions of Western classical and traditional Japanese music.

  • * Provide a nurturing environment for authentic means of expression through music.

  • * Supplement the standard music curricula in Japan and facilitate childrenfs understanding of the essential qualities of music and musicianship by offering instrument instruction and retaining first-rate teachers for all skill levels. In learning to play a musical instrument, the student can participate in and better realize the creative process.

  • * Maintain current, relevant programming, and encourage continual reevaluation so as to be at the forefront of modern music education.


Certified: September 2nd, 2002 (Tokyo)

President   Midori Goto
Vice President   Setsu Goto
Directors   Shigeaki Kuroki, Yukiko Saeki, Hidetoshi Suzuki,
Nagato Natsume, Tatsuya Hashimoto, Reiko Makino
Auditor   Noriko Oi
Room708, 2-12 Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0092 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3261-1855
Fax: +81-3-3261-1856
E-mail: info(atmark)

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