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Visiting Programs

The MUSIC SHARING Visiting Program is made up of three sections: the Western Classical Music Division and the Traditional Japanese Music Division, all of which make musical presentations in schools, hospitals, shelters, child support centers and correctional institutions across Japan.


Visiting Program performances are often given in a series, an institution visited multiple times by different groups in the course of a year, to stimulate the imagination of young people in their encounters with a range of very different music al performances.


*Visiting Program 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. MUSIC SHARING started Listening Program instead (the details are as follows).

Western Classical Music Division (WCMD)

The Visiting Program WCMD presents performances that introduce students to a variety of Western musical instruments and a range of compositions covering Western musical history, from the baroque era to the present day. MUSIC SHARING founder and violinist Midori has been actively involved in this program as a performer from the very beginning, joined by other musicians. The presentations are often interactive, and are designed for young people who may have limited encounters with live artistic events staged right in their own environment. They are occasionally augmented by short discussion periods.

A quartet of Midori and young musicians A quartet of Midori and young musicians
A quartet of Midori and young musicians Guitar

Traditional Japanese Music Division (TJMD)

The Visiting Program’s TJMD presents gagaku, the traditional music of imperial courts, and koto-based soukyoku. Through the program, young people have a chance to experience performances on such instruments as the koto, sho, hichiriki, and ryuteki. The program was developed in conjunction with a 2002 government mandate to reintroduce traditional Japanese music into the school arts curricula. Prior to some performances, the musicians hold workshops for teachers who themselves might be largely unfamiliar with traditional Japanese instruments and styles.

Koto(Japanese Traditional Instrument) (Gagaku Program) Nishi Elementary School
Koto(Traditional Japanese string instrument) Gagaku (Imperial Court Music)

Listening Program

MUSIC SHARING presents the online videos about Western Classical Music mainly for children in schools, hospitals and institutions across Japan.

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