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Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program

The Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program serves special-needs children, inspiring them through the teaching of an orchestral instrument and the repertoire for that instrument. The program provides group lessons, the experience of working in ensembles, and performance opportunities. MUSIC SHARING Supporting Artists work with children in the program at partner schools in Tokyo, Osaka, and beyond, on instruments of each child’s choice, ranging from string, wind, brass and percussion instruments, and piano.

The process of learning to play an instrument offers a multitude of physical and psychological benefits. Beyond supporting children with special needs as they develop specific motor movements, the training gives each child a sense of growing self-confidence, pride, and an outlet for self-expression and realization, lending him or her the empowering courage to transcend physical limitations. They also experience the educational benefits of taking center stage in public performances, showcasing their dedication and accomplishments, as they engage in meaningful collaborations and interactions with their peers and others.

MUSIC SHARING Supporting Artists are professional performers and pedagogues, plus graduate students and recent graduates of university music departments, who volunteer their time for the program. These dedicated individuals are committed to nurturing each child’s music capacities, as they find creative solutions to meet the challenges presented in unique circumstances. Corporations and individuals help the Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program by donating musical instruments, some of which have been adjusted to the particular requirements of individual students.

Students participate in multiple performances organized by their schools, as well as those under the direct auspices of MUSIC SHARING. Since 2016, the children have given annual public performances, including events at the National Art Center Tokyo. A special highlight was in 2014, when a group of students were invited to take part in a performance at the Suntory Hall Main Stage during the artistic residency week of the violinist and MUSIC SHARING founder, Midori.


*Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will be restarted in some schools as follows;


・Asao School for the Physically Challenged, Kanagawa Prefecture School :
 September 1, 2020
・Takatsu School for the Physically Challenged, Kanagawa Prefectural Ikuta Higashi :
 September 4, 2020
・Kawasaki City Special Needs Education school : September 10, 2020


・Asao School for the Physically Challenged, Kanagawa Prefecture School
・Takatsu School for the Physically Challenged, Kanagawa Prefectural School, Ikuta Higashi
・Kawasaki City Special Needs Education School
・Osaka Prefectural Ibaraki Special Needs Education School
・Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged, University of Tsukuba
・Yokohama National University Special Needs Education School


・Violinist :

Tadayuki Aihara, Kana Ando, Mariko Horie,
Egaku Kushida, **Yasuko Morishita, Minori Morita, Yuko Nakano,
***Akiko Omatsu, Kiyoka Shibuya, *Chieko Sogabe, Aoi Suzuki,
Emi Taki, Megumi Tanada, Eiko Tsuji, Hanae Yamamoto,
Satoko Yamanaka, Yuko Yamanouchi, Toshiko Yoshikawa

・Cellist : Shozo Hirayama, Yu Miyata
・Flutist : Maiko Numao, Masami Ouchi
・Clarinetist : Kazuhiro Nozawa, Tomomi Sato
・Saxophonist : Naoto Yamamoto
・Trumpeter : Yoshikazu Fujishiro
・Percussionist : Mika Iwashita, Yurie Kiyota, Kumiko Wakanabe
・Pianist : Hiromi Miyazaki, Natsumi Sakai, Haruka Tanimura
・Arranger : Megumi Fukuyama
・Conductor : Daichi Deguchi, Ryo Nakajo, Fumitaka Murakami

***Chief adviser in Kanto Area
**Chief adviser in Kansai Area
*Adviser, coordinator in Kansai Area


Musical Instruments used by students at the participating schools were donated by the following, among others:

Shino Hashiba, Kaho Igarashi, Kousei Ijichi, Akio Ishimasa, Koichi Maeda,
Kumi Matsuki, Takayuki Miwa, Yasuko Morishita, Noriko Nagashima,
Kouitsu Niino, Hiroyoshi Nishiyama, Tetsuaki Oda, Kyoko Ogasawara,
Sachiko Ohashi, Shinobu Oku, Wataru Sato, Kyoko Suzuki, Yasuhiko Tada,
Mitsuru Takamura, Seiji Takeo, Yohei Takeuchi, Mazuru Todaka, Maiko Tokita,
Toru Yamazaki, Toyomi Yamazaki, Teruyuki Yoshida
Dommayer Violin Studio, Gengakki Torio Co., 
Sendai Shirayuri Gakuen High School Orchestra,
Sompo Philharmonic Orchestra, The Japanese Clarinet Society,
The Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Harmony Association Orchestral Music, 
and anonymous donors

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