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International Community Engagement Program

International Community Engagement Program(ICEP)

What is the Community Engagement Program

A musical community engagement activity connects musicians with their community-at-large to enhance awareness, knowledge and impact of the arts in our world. Musical community engagement activities can include in-school programs, pre- or post-concert workshops, themed concerts where audience members are active participants, and any number of variations on a theme of partnership through music aimed at the mutual empowerment of participants of all ages and backgrounds, including the musicians themselves.

MUSIC SHARING's International Community Engagement Program (ICEP)

Midori and young musicians selected through auditions created ensembles to perform at schools, hospitals and other institutions, including those in rural areas with limited access to live music opportunities.

The purpose of the ICEP is to offer children, especially those in difficult circumstances, the opportunity to experience the beauty and joy of music and, equally, to offer the participating young musicians an opportunity to widen their horizons and learn more about community engagement. This program further aims to promote international cultural exchanges, not only between Japan and the visiting country but also between the home countries of the participating young musicians and the visited country. The ICEP inspires cultural understanding and establishes friendships with the goal of creating a more peaceful world.

Each year the participating young musicians - one violinist, one violist and one cellist, are selected through tape audition, essay and e-mail (or telephone) interview. MUSIC SHARING invites applicants of every nationality, between the ages of 20 and 30, with reasonable public performance experience (solo and chamber music) and a strong interest in community work (volunteering and community activities).

Follow-up Events in Japan

Every May or June in Tokyo, participating artists share their experiences in a series of "Reporting Events & Concerts" that include performances of part of the program that they shared with children in the country they visited. These reporting events provide a unique opportunity for Japanese students (both music and non-music students), young musicians and teachers, as well as members of the general public, to hear firsthand accounts from the participating artists of what they thought, felt and learned through their ICEP experience. The participating artists also visit elementary schools and institutions in Japan at the time of the gReporting Events & Concerts,h making good use of their ICEP experience to engage with the children.

2006 Vietnam 2009 Mongolia Photo:T.Oda
2006 Vietnam
2009 Mongolia Photos:T.Oda

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