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International Community Engagement Program

International Community Engagement Program (ICEP)

2019 Cambodia & 2020 Japan

Guidelines for Quartet Member Applicants

Application Overview
1 Violinist, 1 Violist, 1 Cellist, plus alternates

ICEP Activity Period
Quartet members are required to participate in the entire schedule, as follows:
Period Location Activities
Dec.13 to 28,
Cambodia Assembly, rehearsal (Rehearsal may also be outside of Cambodia)
Various events, performances and presentations to include those at educational institutions and other facilities for children, the disabled and the aged for the purpose of promoting global friendship and cultural exchange
June 2 to 20,

Assembly, rehearsal (Rehearsal may also be outside of Japan)

Various events, performances and presentations to include those at schools, hospitals and other facilities for a diverse population
Public performances for the purpose of reporting to the community engagement activities in Cambodia

End of Japan period - Dismissal

  • Young musicians between 20 and 30 years old, as of December 1, 2019, with a strong interest in community engagement activities.
  • Applicants must have no health, philosophical or nationality issues that would prevent them from performing in Cambodia and Japan.
  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Musicians who have successfully auditioned and participated in two previous ICEP cycles are not eligible to apply.

There is no honorarium for performances. However, the following expenses will be covered by MUSIC SHARING:
  • Transportation Expenses
    • simple round trip between current residence and Cambodia (in December)
    • simple round trip between current residence and Japan (in June)
    • internal travel related to program activities within Cambodia and Japan
  • Single-entry visa application fee for entry into Cambodia and Japan
  • Accommodation during ICEP activities Note: Accommodation will be arranged by MUSIC SHARING.
  • Living support to be utilized toward meal expenses
  • Travel insurance between current residence and Cambodia (in December), and between current residence and Japan (in June). Participants are responsible for obtaining the necessary travel insurance, which will be reimbursed, in full or in part, by MUSIC SHARING.

Expenses to be Covered by Participant

  • Obtaining or renewing passport
  • Musical instrument insurance
  • Immunization, as necessary
    Participants are required to obtain necessary immunization to enter Cambodia and Japan, after consulting their own doctors. Required immunization costs specific only to Cambodia will be compensated by MUSIC SHARING.
  • Personal communication costs (i.e. telephone, internet)
  • Room service and cleaning costs during the activity period
  • All other personal expenses
  • MUSIC SHARING bears no responsibility for lost, stolen or forgotten items belonging to participants during the activity period.

Application Process
The online application can be completed at

The first stage is based on the online application and recordings. Recordings should be made after January 1, 2018, and must be uploaded to YouTube with privacy setting "unlisted" or "public" by the deadline.

The second stage of the audition includes a video interview.

The final selection will be made based on all submitted materials.

Please provide your e-mail address and phone numbers at which you expect to be reachable during the first and second selection periods (July and August, 2019) in the event that the committee has further questions.

For those who have successfully auditioned and participated in a previous ICEP in or after 2015, it is not necessary to submit recommendation letters, essay or biography. Required recordings, however, must be submitted. These can be the same recordings as were submitted previously or new recordings. If the previously submitted recordings were made prior to January 2018, it is highly recommended that the applicant submit newer materials. Applicants in this category should please contact the MUSIC SHARING ICEP Audition Coordinator (E-mail : for more details.

The result of the application process will be sent to the applicants via e-mail by August 15, 2019.

Other Notes
  • Applicants must reply to e-mail correspondences promptly.
  • MUSIC SHARING will not respond to inquiries related to the audition results.
  • MUSIC SHARING reserves the right to change the destination country in the event of a natural disaster, change in political conditions, or for any other reason.
  • This program is different from a usual concert tour. Please assume that the schedule will be intense with little or no flexibility, and that it requires extensive travel because of unpredictable weather and traffic conditions.
  • There can be no allowances for changes in the schedule for personal reasons during the activity period.
  • Participants may not be accompanied by family members or friends.
  • MUSIC SHARING holds unlimited rights to the following, for use in connection with its PR activities:
    • Recording, filming and videotaping;
    • Transmission and broadcast of the recorded materials;
    • Copying and dissemination of the materials

Application Procedure
Submission of Materials
Please follow the online application instructions for submitting necessary materials.
Applicant Information
Application Please use the online application found at:

1) Two letters of

Letters from established musicians (i.e. current or previous teachers); no specific format is required. Letters may be sent directly via e-mail from the recommender to by the deadline.

2) Proof of age i.e. Copy of passport or driver’s license
3) Biography or CV Approximately 1 page
4) Letter of intent 1 page (A4 size or U.S. letter size)
5) Essay

1 page (A4 size or U.S. letter size)
Topic: “Meaning of Music in Contemporary Society”

  • * Recording should be made after January 1, 2018. Please upload to YouTube with the privacy setting “unlisted” or “public”. Do not set as “private.”
  • * Edited recordings are not accepted for audition.
  • * At least one of the categories must be in a video format. Entire submission in a video format is strongly recommended.
1) Solo

Two contrasting movements from one of J.S. Bach’s

unaccompanied works
2) Duo with piano Two contrasting movements from a standard sonata
3) String ensemble Two contrasting movements from a standard string trio, string quartet, string quintet, or string sextet; piano trio, piano quartet, or piano quintet. If applicable, the applicant must be playing the first, not second, part.
4) Piece of your choice Duration: 10 minutes or less
E Please contact the office (see details below) if you are unable to upload your material to YouTube.
E The applicant’s information, attached documents and recordings will be used solely for the purpose of this audition.

Application Deadline
The completed application form with appropriate attachments and activated links for the upload must be received by MUSIC SHARING no later than 5:00 pm (Japan time) on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.  Please include the URL of the download site in your application form.

Contact Information
Non Profit Organization MUSIC SHARING
Unit 708, 2-12 Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0092, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3261-1855

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